The Hungerford Historical Association

Welcome to the website of the Hungerford Historical Association.

Established in 1979, the HHA is one of the
best supported groups in the town,
and has about 200 members.

This website is all about the HHA itself.
To explore more of Hungerford's wonderful history
visit the Hungerford Virtual Museum.

What's on?

Our monthly meetings are attended by about 60-130 people. Follow this to see the current program of meetings.

How can I join the HHA?

The HHA has about 200 members. Follow this to see all about membership and how to join.

The next meeting:

St Lawrence Church

The next meeting of the HHA is on Wednesday 28 September, when Hugh Pihlens will talk on "The Treasures of St Lawrence Church". Our Parish Church is celebrating 200 years since its rebuilding, and Hugh will outline the history of the church, and share some of the great treasures of this church and its predecessor, including the memorials and stained glass.

"The Treasures of St Lawrence Church"

Dr Hugh Pihlens

Wed 28 September 2016, 7.30pm

Corn Exchange, Hungerford

Visitors Welcome: £4.00

HADCAF 2016:

The following HADCAF events may be of special interest to HHA members:

Fri 1 July: On the centenary of the first day of the Battle of the Somme, David Bunney presents a personal selection of poetry from the First World War. This is followed by refreshments and a service of acknowledgement at 4pm for those who fell and had connections with Hungerford. United Reform Church, 2.30pm. (Retiring Collection)

Thu 8 July: Special showing of “Black Legend” - the 1948 film by John Schlesinger about the story behind Combe Gibbet. Croft Hall, 8.00pm. Tickets £5