The Hungerford Historical Association

Welcome to the website of the Hungerford Historical Association.

Established in 1979, the HHA is one of the
best supported groups in the town,
and has about 200 members.

This website is all about the HHA itself.
To explore more of Hungerford's wonderful history
visit the Hungerford Virtual Museum.

What's on?

Our monthly meetings are attended by about 60-130 people. Follow this to see the current program of meetings.

How can I join the HHA?

The HHA has about 200 members. Follow this to see all about membership and how to join.

The next meeting:

The next meeting of the HHA is on Wednesday 27 March, when Dr Graham Bathe will give a talk entitled “The Real Wolfhall".

Wolfhall lies just a few miles south-west of Hungerford. It was the home of the great Tudor family of the Seymours, and it played an important part in Tudor history - the link between Henry VIII and his favourite wife Jane Seymour.

An important project is well under way to carry out archaeological investigations, and to restore the house. Hear all about it from the local absolute expert on Wolfhall.

 Wolfhall a

“The Real Wolfhall” - Dr Graham Bathe

Wednesday 27 March 2019, 7.30pm.

Corn Exchange, Hungerford

Visitors Welcome: £4.00 (at the door)